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Welcome to Brilliant, you'll fit right in.

Here, we're all about making logistics everything it can be, everything it should be. It starts with vision, with a light in the darkness that adds transparency and accountability to every step in the process. This is far more than a load board, more than a carrier review site, more than freight management, more than anything else out there.

Here, shippers and their representatives can post their upcoming loads and carriers can bid on them in an environment that is open, transparent, and real. We took the logistics world, simplified it, and put it all at your fingertips. We can't wait to tell you more about it. So, dive right in. Click the links above to find out who we are, why we started this, and what we can do for you. Then, once you're convinced (and you will be convinced), sign up to join our community and never look at logistics the same way again.

This is Brilliant!

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